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3 inch Water Meter Valve Vault with 3 inch bypass. The box is POLYETHYLENE and the hatch is aluminum and can be set with a Backhoe

GSC, Inc started building specialty fittings for the geothermal business and soon developed the Atlantis Vault for commercial Geothermal jobs. GSC, Inc was asked to develop a vault for the water industry by a local utility, the utility was having to rent a Crain each time they set a 3 inch or above water meter using a concrete box.

GSC Engineering Department went to work designing a polyethylene vault to hold the water meter and a bypass and it worked well! The first meter was a 12 inch master meter with a 6 inch bypass that the utility set with a backhoe and was finished in 4 hours.

GSC, Inc Water Division developed the apartment water meter vault, sewer air relief vault with odor control (hydrogen sulfide resistant) pressure reducing valve vaults for water mains and custom fabrication for the water and sewer utilities. GSC, Inc water Division designed and built a liner for a sewer grit chamber that received high levels of hydrogen sulfide wastewater. The liner box was made from 1 inch sheets of polyethylene that fit in place.

GSC, Inc Water Division is waiting to help you with your water and sewer needs! A lifetime of understanding of what it takes to make a utility Professional’s Job easier!